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A Feature Management Story

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Putting product teams in control of feature management may alarm developers, but in practice, this letting go of control allows them to tweak on the fly. This keeps product development agile and minimizes rework.

On this webinar, Metrikus Head of Technology (and Harness Feature Flag customer) Sam Hall will share his team’s path to gaining control over what and when features get released, which allows them to deliver market-leading smart building software.

Sam will explain how feature management frees developers to explore creative new ideas while reassuring DevOps that any faulty features can be rolled back at the flip of a toggle switch. Meanwhile, product teams can test variations of a solution, get feedback faster, and ultimately build a better product in less time.

You’ll learn

  • How feature management removes daily roadblocks and improves developer experience
  • Best practices for navigating the cultural change required to successfully implement feature management
  • How developers can focus on creating new features by handing over release control to product

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Sam Hall

Head of Technology


Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


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