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Double Your Observability Margins With Automated SLO Management

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If your Observability practice does NOT already deliver SLO management, we’ll show you how to add it and expand the revenue of your practice.

If your practice DOES already offer SLO management, but does so manually through humans and best practices, we will show you how to use automation to deliver at lower prices and higher margins.

Value to your customers:

Your customers are attempting to deliver a nearly flawless application experience. Their end users need new features delivered rapidly and they want applications that work right and respond quickly, all the time. Essentially, their end users need a constant flow of useful new features delivered in a highly reliable application. That’s where you come in. This offering is designed to complement the work you are already doing with your clients.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The expected value to you
  • Background on customer problem and solution (with demo)
  • Details of the offering and next steps

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Adam Neubauer,

Product Sales Manager, SRM

Jim Hirschauer,

Sr Director, Platform Marketing

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