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Best Practices for Governance in DevOps

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How do DevOps teams get to a place where an individual contributor Software Developer on a given app team builds a feature, confidently pushes it all the way to production, and does so without the interaction of a senior architect or another human?

Join us to hear real examples of how organizations are using governance and other process guardrails to ensure that deployment pipelines move fresh code at a high velocity, securely, and with high quality.

In this 45 minute session, we’ll start with an overview of what “Governance” can mean in different situations. Then, we’ll dive into three best practices.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How governance with automation can aid in application onboarding and team morale
  • How deployments can be more secure with standards and automation in place
  • Ways that governing and automating can drive down costs, and how that allows for more innovation

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Laura Vetter

Chief Technologist, Evolutio

Nick Durkin

Field CTO, Harness

Bob Dyksen

Director, Automation, Evolutio

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