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Forrester: Drive Innovation Velocity & Business Value with DevOps in 2023

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It’s time to take stock on your DevOps initiative and get your people, processes, and technology lined up (in that order) to accelerate innovation next year.

Get Forrester Research’s insights into the year’s biggest hits and misses. Guest speaker Chris Condo, a Principal Analyst, will share how leaders from all sizes of companies are streamlining processes and unblocking developers to drive business value.

Watch the webinar to learn how you can:

  • Overcome common pain points
  • Counteract brittle, disconnected toolchains
  • Continuously improve developer experience to recruit and retain top talent
  • Unify DevOps processes with an integrated approach
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Chris Condo

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Thomas Bressie

VP Product Marketing, Harness

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