Feature Flags 101

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Modern software development is getting faster — it’s not just that code needs to get to customers faster, it’s that it also has to be done with less risk. This eBook will serve as an entry point into the world of feature flags. Think of it as a 101 course. In the contents, you’ll find an overview of what feature flags are, how to think about them, and why both engineers and business people find them valuable.

In addition, you’ll also learn about how to get started with a feature flag system, and key things to look out for once you operationalize. Download Feature Flags 101 to learn:

  • What are Feature Flags-
  • The Impact of Feature Flags
  • When to Use Feature Flags
  • How to Get Started
  • Key Benefits & Challenges Once in Operation
  • Intelligent & Automated Feature Flags with Harness

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