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Are you getting reliability and security insights too little too late? Taking an SLO-drive approach to your software delivery lifecycle often relies on manually tracking error budgets and inconsistent governance, which can significantly slow down delivery. Additionally, availability issues and security breaches that surface in production lead to friction between DevOps, SREs, and developers – not to mention the negative impact on your customers, reputation, and budgets.

In this live webinar, we will explore how you can empower all of your engineers to build reliability and security into their CI/CD processes earlier and more often. Plus, Harness Field CTO Nick Durkin will lead a live demo of Harness’ new Service Reliability Management and Security Testing Orchestration modules. 

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Balance the reliability of application services with the velocity of software delivery
  • Establish guardrails within your CI/CD pipelines to drive secure application services
  • Make sense of the mountains of data collected by your security scanners
  • Leverage Harness to reduce toil, improve service reliability, and minimize risk

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Nick Durkin

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