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Maximize FinOps Efficiency by Automating Cloud Cost Management

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As enterprise cloud costs continue to spiral out of control, wasted cloud spend is an obvious culprit. But how do you unearth the savings from the mountain of data and tools? While finance and DevOps teams – or your newly minted FinOps practice – rely on engineering to find and implement cloud cost savings, 30% of FinOps teams report that getting engineers to take action on cost optimization is their biggest challenge, according to a survey by the FinOps Foundation

Leading FinOps teams are turning to AI/ML-driven automation to ensure efficiency with their cloud cost management. 

Join United Airlines’ Senior Manager of DevOps Rajeswari Koppala; Ulta Beauty’s Sr. IT Manager, Cloud, Erin Trinka; and Advanced’s Head of DevOps and IaaS, Martin Reynolds for a panel discussion exploring how they’re leveraging intelligent automation to reign in cloud costs and gain efficiency.

You’ll learn:

  1. What automations are having the biggest impact on cloud cost savings
  2. Best practices for adopting FinOps practices successfully
  3. How automating cloud cost management is improving engineering efficiency
  4. How to integrate cloud cost efficiencies into your CI/CD pipeline delivery

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Martin Reynolds

Head of DevOps and IaaS, Advanced

Erin Trinka

Sr. IT Manager Cloud, Ulta Beauty

Raji Koppala

Sr. Manager of DevOps, United

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