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Consolidation, Consistency, Visibility and Beyond

Intelliflo’s Journey with Modern Software Delivery

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Intelliflo is a Fintech company with ambitions to drive the financial services industry forward with leading-edge technology and intuitive solutions. Offering predominantly SaaS products means that the reliability, security and efficiency of their applications are vital to their ongoing success.

Four years ago, Intelliflo began their journey to modern software delivery spearheaded by their head of DevOps, Marc Pearce. The first step to improving things was continuous delivery as the DevOps team shifted to a microservices approach that enabled more frequent, repeatable and incremental deployments to production environments. 

Once they were satisfied with the increased velocity and quality of code deployed into production, the next step was to tap into the metrics captured from their delivery pipelines to get a more granular view of what good looked like. Now, Marc and his team are seeking to empower their developers with the next wave of software engineering innovation adopting an internal developer portal (IDP) and AI for the next iteration on their continuous journey with software innovation.

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January 31, 2024


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