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Most companies have multiple monitoring solutions and many sources of data that are used to triage issues with application services. While it's great to have all of this data, it is difficult and time consuming to identify which data points are correlated to issues with each service. This webinar will show how Harness SRM analyzes and integrates metrics, logs, configuration changes, deployments, and infrastructure change data to reduce the time it takes to identify the root cause of application service impact.

We'll also explore SRE topics that include:

  • Creating and managing SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets
  • Applying AI/ML to observability
  • Using reliability policies to automatically govern deployments
  • Ways to continuously improve reliability throughout the software delivery lifecycle

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Date and Time

November 3, 2022

3:00PM IST


Jim Hirschauer

Senior Director, SRM, Marketing, Harness

Julian Klodzinski

Large Enterprise, Sales Engineer, Harness

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