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Building a Successful Pipeline for On-Premises Continuous Delivery

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Continuous delivery (CD) is a top priority for many large organizations, yet it remains one of the most challenging problems enterprises face. CD enables software changes to reach production environments safely, quickly and sustainably by automating many of the tedious steps that most deployment teams often manage by hand.

While CD services are offered by numerous vendors, including Harness, some companies are not able to use a SaaS-based solution, either because of regulatory or cost considerations. That is why Harness now offers its CD service as a free, on-premises software solution.

Join Dave, Srinivasa, and Guna to learn the fundamentals of a successful continuous delivery pipeline, including best practices for building, provisioning, releasing and verifying deployments with free, on-premises software.

Webinar takeaways: - What is continuous delivery and how can your team benefit? - Where should you start and how can you reach the right level of automation? - How can you be sure that your application has deployed?

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Srinivasa Rao Gurubelli

Architect and Product Design


Guna Chandrasekaran

Principal Software Engineer


Dave Nielsen

Sr Director of Community & Developer Relations


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