The Long CI Trail: Valuable Lessons from Jenkins to Harness Cloud


Dinesh Garg
Director, Engineering Harness

Overcoming the limitations of traditional tools like Jenkins remains a significant challenge for many engineering teams. At Harness, the operational demands – from initial setups and complex scripting to managing build infrastructure resources – required the dedication of 2-5 engineers daily. This led us to recognize the need for a more efficient solution, prompting a journey to redefine our CI strategy.

With that said, join Dinesh Garg, Director of Engineering at Harness, as he illuminates the pivotal phases of our CI evolution. He’ll spotlight our migration away from Jenkins, share our experiences utilizing Kubernetes for build infrastructure, and discuss our strategic move to cloud builds with Harness CI Cloud.

You’ll gain insights into how these shifts have optimized our CI processes and set new standards for our DevOps pipeline. It’s the perfect workshop for professionals seeking to understand the real-world impacts of such transitions in their CI/CD pipelines.

Join us to see:

  • Understanding Jenkins' Limitations: A deep dive into the challenges posed by Jenkins at Harness
  • Streamlining the Migration from Jenkins to Harness CI: Practical strategies for a seamless transition off Jenkins
  • Harnessing Kubernetes for scalable builds: Exploring the benefits and challenges of utilizing Kubernetes for ephemeral, scalable build environments.
  • The shift to cloud builds: How cloud builds enabled us to optimize builds and boost efficiency further.


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