Introducing Software Engineering Insights 

The Harness Software Engineering Insights™ module gives engineering leaders actionable data to measure and optimize software delivery processes and improve developer experience. 

‍Harness® Acquires Propelo, Bringing Actionable Engineering Insights to Award-Winning Software Delivery Platform

Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, today announced the acquisition of Propelo, Inc., an industry leader in engineering productivity, and the general availability of Harness Software Engineering Insights™ module.

Announcing the General Availability of Harness Developer Hub

We are excited to announce the GA of Harness Developer Hub (HDH), bringing Tutorials, Documentation (including Release Notes), and Certifications in one location.

Introducing the Harness Developer Hub - Beta Release

With the goal of furthering and simplifying developer and engineering education, we are pleased to announce the launch of the beta release of Harness Developer Hub, or HDH located at

2023 DevOps Predictions: The Rise of Platform Engineering, Workplace Culture Changes, and More

We asked our team here at Harness and some of our customers to share what they see in store for DevOps in 2023. Here’s what they had to say.

What is AppSec? The Challenges and Rewards

AppSec is about making software safer during development phases — but also once it is deployed, especially as hackers grow more innovative.

The Players on Your DevSecOps Team

Just as working individually isn’t a successful strategy on the field, it won’t work in DevSecOps, and the team you put together can either carry you to success or get stuck along the way and fall short of expectations.

BSIMM10 Study: The Impact of DevOps on Software Security

The latest BSIMM study proves engineering and development drive security for the products they develop.

Why 42% of Developers Are Thinking About Quitting Their Jobs

How you recruit and retain talented individuals is largely a question of how you sculpt their experience — namely, with modern software delivery tooling.

Has Your DevOps Revolution Hit a Wall?

In many companies, the writing, provisioning, and deploying of software are separated. But there’s good news: Modern DevOps is attainable to all. The journey is a continuum, and you just have to keep moving up the curve to maturity.

Announcing Support for PHP in Harness Feature Flags

We’re excited to announce that Harness Feature Flags now supports the open source PHP SDK.

Introducing On-Premise Support for Feature Flags to Deploy More Securely

This new deployment model is particularly important for organizations that have complex self-hosted software delivery models, including government and public sector organizations with highly specific regulatory and implementation requirements, as well as enterprise security companies.

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