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January 12, 2023
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Announcing the General Availability of Harness Developer Hub


We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Harness Developer Hub (HDH), a modern developer learning platform that brings together Tutorials, Documentation (including Release Notes), and Certifications for all Harness modules and the underlying Harness Platform. This announcement builds on top of the Beta release a few months back. 

The Harness Developer Hub (HDH)

HDH has three sections geared towards helping developers become experts in software delivery: Tutorials, Documentation, and Certifications.

Get Started with Tutorials

The Beta release was primarily focused on Tutorials and since then we have expanded on both the breadth and depth of the tutorials. Every tutorial is designed with a specific outcome in the end and is powered by a hands-on code/config example that is either available inline or stored in a public GitHub repository. These tutorials are organized under the following sections:

Harness tutorials

The current list of tutorials is just the beginning. We encourage the broader Harness Community to send in requests for new tutorials through either Pull Request-based contributions or GitHub issues on the public HDH GitHub repository. Increasing our ability to accept such contributions is one of the key reasons behind choosing a documentation-as-code approach for HDH.

Learn More with Documentation

Harness Docs have resided on since the beginning. As part of the HDH GA, we have migrated all content from to HDH. Additionally, we have ensured that the previous based URLs are automatically redirected to their corresponding location on HDH. The Documentation section in HDH is divided into three sections: Module Feature & Reference Docs, Platform Reference & Feature Docs and Release Notes.

Harness documentation

Module Feature & Reference Docs

As listed below, each of the Harness modules have their own dedicated section for feature and reference docs:

Platform Feature & Reference Docs

Administrative tasks that you perform on the common Harness Platform are documented in their dedicated section. The following are some of the key topics included in the Harness Platform docs:

Release Notes

Overall release notes in the form of What’s New and Early Access are available in the Documentation section. You can also find module-specific and Harness Platform release notes in this section. And, we are pleased to note that you can now subscribe via RSS to Harness Release Notes. 

Harness release notes

Become a Harness-Certified Expert

After you have leveraged the Tutorials to get started and the Documentation to gain deeper expertise, it’s time for you to formally become a Harness Certified Expert. You can get started with the Software Delivery Foundations certification today.  We will be adding multiple module-specific certifications in the near future. Not only will you be able to learn and strengthen your software delivery skills, but you’ll also be able to certify your skill sets in the Hub and build on your Harness knowledge. 

Search & Learn

If you simply want to learn about a specific topic, then we have a new search experience for you. The search results can be filtered by not only Content Type (such as NextGen Docs, FirstGen Docs, Tutorials and Release Notes) but also by Module name. This allows you to reach the content you are looking for with ease.

Search and learn Harness topics

The Road Ahead

We are excited for this initial launch of the HDH aimed to structure and accelerate the developer learning journey in the context of software delivery. The road ahead involves adding more hands-on tutorials. We will also increase the depth of the feature and reference docs while ensuring that the tutorials and docs content serve as the foundation for you to prepare for and ace your certifications. If you have any feedback for us, please do not hesitate to fill the Feedback form on the bottom right of the HDH home page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Learn intelligent software delivery at your own pace. Step-by-step tutorials, videos, and reference docs to help you deliver customer happiness.

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