October 31, 2022

Introducing the Harness Developer Hub - Beta Release

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Key takeaway

Change is the only constant in technology. Between balancing domain knowledge, gaining technical stack expertise, and understanding all of the semantics and terminology, we need information ready at our fingertips so we can deploy safely and on time. With the goal of furthering and simplifying developer and engineering education, we are pleased to announce the launch of the beta release of Harness Developer Hub, or HDH located at https://developer.harness.io

The Harness Developer Hub (HDH) brings all technical material under one easy-to-access and consistent umbrella. The HDH has a variety of tutorials, videos, and reference documentation to help you along your software delivery journey. Users of the HDH can pick common software delivery tasks that are verb-based such as “deploying an application” or “building code” to get started.

Touring the Harness Developer Hub

The HDH is task- and verb-based. The HDH has everything from teaching you how to build and package code to learning common approaches. 

If, for example, you want to learn more about reliability, such as managing service level objectives, those types of tutorials can also be found on the HDH. 

Module documentation is also starting to be housed and migrated in the HDH. Reference material for Harness Modules will be accessible in the Documentation section. 

These are just a few examples of what you can find on the HDH, and there’s more to come. In your eyes, if we are missing a tutorial or a piece of material that would help in your journey, you have an opportunity to contribute to the HDH. 

How to Contribute to the Harness Developer Hub

The power of many is greater than the power of one. The HDH is open source first, taking in contributions big and small. We are also always open to feedback as this is an evolving beta release. Feel free to submit in the on-site feedback form or leverage GitHub for raising an Issue or a PR of your own. 

Leverage our Contributors Guide if you would like to help put your stamp on the HDH. The HDH will be evolving over the next months as more material and capabilities are built out. 

What’s Next For The Harness Developer Hub

As we work towards GA on the HDH, we will be onboarding more tutorials and migrating documentation. We are also looking at ways to more closely align what is presented to you with what is in your Harness Account. Head over to the Harness Developer Hub today and let us know your feedback!

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