January 24, 2024

Chaos Engineering ROI Calculator

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Key takeaway

Harness' Chaos Engineering ROI Calculator helps estimate business losses from outages and evaluates the ROI of chaos engineering practices. By simulating failures and optimizing recovery, it improves system reliability and reduces downtime, providing a clear financial benefit to organizations.

The Chaos ROI calculator

The ROI calculator is available here. The outcome of the calculation exercise is to estimate your potential business losses related to outages and provide the ROI when you invest in Harness Chaos Engineering to improve the reliability of your business critical services. 

This calculator requires the following data:

Incident data of one year: The number of P0 and P1 incidents, their duration, how many developers and SREs work on them for incident response and the approximate cost to the business because of such incidents. 

Developer and SRE costs: To compute the hourly human cost, you provide the approximate annual cost of Developers and SREs. 

Services that undergo chaos testing: Chaos testing is practiced heavily with automation in the lower environments and performance test beds and carefully on the production systems. Provide the approximate number of Kubernetes services, VMs, server less functions and container engines that you plan to subject to chaos testing. 

The calculator works on the principle of estimating the business loss for the duration of incidents and the associated human costs.

The reliability related losses are re estimated after chaos engineering practice is implemented in your lower and production environments. Chaos engineering helps in reducing the recovery times (less number of hours your users have suffered the unavailability of services), optimizing the developer time required (they are more experienced in such issues as they have already seen them during chaos testing) and reducing the overall outages/incidents (Your SREs and developers have improved the configuration of the systems and fixed product issues related to reliability).

Try it now

ROI calculator is available here. Get the three year summary immediately. Our team of reliability experts can also help you with the full report and best practices for your chaos engineering implementation.

Btw, did you know that you can run your first chaos experiment using Harness Chaos Engineering in less than 5 minutes? Signup for free and start with the chaos sandbox for the interactive chaos experimentation learning!

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