October 19, 2023

Road to KubeCon 2023 - Join Harness at KubeCon NA 2023

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Key takeaway

As the weather starts to get colder in the northern hemisphere, that means KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is around the corner. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America this year will take place in Chicago in early November. In its eighth year since the inaugural KubeCon in 2015, KubeCon now coincides with CloudNativeCon and is now flagship conference gathers adopters of Cloud Native Compute Foundation [CNCF] projects. These events are now held yearly in different regions across the globe. 

Harness will be back at KubeCon NA this year and also participating in Co-Located events [the old Day Zero event format] as we have expanded our participation in the Linux Foundation. As the cloud native ecosystem continues to evolve, the CNCF has been an excellent custodian for many projects and you can expect these projects and practitioners to be represented.  

What Can You Expect This Year?

The cloud native community has done tremendous work ushering in the cloud native paradigm  e.g scale, robustness, portability, and scalability to anyone who needs those pillars with open source and cloud technologies.  

We have shared our project/conference predictions with VMBlog which we delve into greater detail on analysis of the talks this year and leverage DevStats for a data driven approach. There has been some consolidation in the CNCF as some cards exited / did not maintain their maturity level. For example in 2020, there were over 1500 cards in the CNCF Landscape. As of this week in October 2023, there are 1246. As the landscape continues to evolve, Harness will be your partner in cloud native technologies and paradigms as they continue to evolve. 

Harness, Your Cloud Native Partner

The cloud native space certainly moves quickly. Harness has been a steward to the cloud native communities for several years and an active participant in the Linux Foundation. This year Harness is dedicating more full time resources to contributing back to the cloud native ecosystem. 

Most recently, with what has been going on in the Terraform Ecosystem, Harness has pledged to be a charter member and has dedicated full time resources to OpenTofu which is a Linux Foundation project. 

Harness has contributions across the CNCF. As a core member of the Litmus Chaos Project which is an incubating maturity project inside the CNCF, Harness leads contributions to this project. Litmus Chaos supports  the open source Chaos Engineering ecosystem. Harness has also embraced the GitOps paradigm by starting to contribute back to upstream Argo. 

Additionally Harness participates in the FinOps Foundation and Continuous Delivery Foundation which we have been supporting with thought leadership giving our expertise back to those communities. 

If you have not already, make sure to sign up for the Harness Platform as we head to Chicago. We are happy to continue to support the ecosystem that allows us to help build the next generation of scale together. 

See You in Chicago

Harness will have booth presences at two co-located events, ArgoCon and BackstageCon on November 6th and have a booth [B15] and the main event. Our very own Himanhsu will be talking at BackstageCon this year about looking beyond two core use cases/plugins in Backstage. 

Make sure to stop by the Harness Booth at KubeCon [B15]. We are big fans here at Harness of K9s and K8s. Stop by for a chance to get a harness for your favorite K9, from Harness.

Harness K9s for K8s
K8s for K9s

The event this year in Chicago will surely be a great one, in its eighth rendition as it gathers adopters and technologists. We champion for all of those who consume, maintain, and are excited to learn about cloud native technologies, to attend. In the meantime execute a Harness Tutorial to ramp up your cloud native delivery skills with ease.



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