March 27, 2019

Harness CI/CD Pipelines For AWS

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Key takeaway

Today we announced that Harness is now part of the AWS marketplace giving AWS customers the ability to empower their developers with Continuous Delivery as-a-Service across their AWS applications and environments.

Over 50% of Harness customers currently run their applications in AWS. As a result, our support for AWS services over the past 2-years has gone from strength to strength, with AWS customers like Advanced, Linedata, and OpenBank, the digital bank of Santander, achieving significant results with Harness.

Here's a quick summary of how Harness Continuous Delivery can support your Applications running inside AWS.

Comprehensive AWS Artifact Support

Harness has support for the following application artifacts/services:

  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) on both EC2 and Fargate
  • Amazon Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS CodeDeploy

Harness was the first Continuous Delivery vendor to support AWS Lambda back in November 2017.

In addition, Harness also has out-of-the-box support for Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and Amazon S3 so customers can automatically detect, version control and pull new artifacts directly from their repositories into their deployment pipelines.

Harness also supports the deployment of traditional applications like Tomcat, JBoss and IIS apps to standard AWS EC2 instances.

CloudFormation Support for Infra Provisioning

Back in October 2018, Harness shipped support for AWS CloudFormation and HashiCorp Terraform so customers could reuse and reference their templates inside Harness deployment pipelines. This allowed cloud infrastructure to be dynamically provisioned and decommissioned on-the-fly when deployment pipelines were executed.

Here's a quick 2-min video which explains this integration:

Comprehensive Release Strategies

Harness supports the following release/deployment strategies for AWS deployments:

Here's how you can create an automated canary deployment with AWS ECS:

Auto-Verify & Rollback AWS Deployments

In addition to automating application deployments, Harness can also automate the verification and rollback of AWS deployments using machine learning (ML). Harness has first-class citizen support for CloudWatch (and other monitoring tools) so we're able to analyze all the metrics in the context of your app and deployment, and then leverage ML to detect anomalies/regressions in performance and quality. Rollbacks can be fully-automated or governed with manual intervention if required.

For example, here is an automated ECS canary deployment workflow in Harness that uses CloudWatch metrics to validate each canary phase:

CI/CD for AWS: CloudWatch Deployment in Harness

AWS KMS Support For Secrets Management

Amazon KMS is a popular way of encrypting and decrypting secrets across your deployment pipelines.

Harness offers first-class citizen support for KMS so you can reference secrets across your AWS applications, environments, and pipelines.

As you can see, Harness has wide and deep support for AWS applications across our customer base.

We'd love for you to try Harness and see for yourself. Get your free trial today.


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