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September 21, 2023
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Gitness: Your Ultimate Open Source Development Platform


We are thrilled with the release of Gitness, our new open source development platform packed with the power of code hosting and automated DevOps pipelines. This groundbreaking release of an open source Git repo, empowers developers with a powerful solution for writing and delivering code with confidence.  

Gtiness is a new open source Git solution with the breadth and depth of features to empower development teams to write and deliver code with safety and speed. It's a one-stop-shop where you can host your git repositories and automated devOps pipelines seamlessly. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools, and hello to streamlined collaboration, and a smoother development workflow.

Why Gitness? Let's Break It Down:

Streamlined Collaboration and Speed: Gitness facilitates collaborative code reviews through automated status checks and mandatory reviewers, fostering teamwork and maintaining code quality.

Supercharged with AI: Gitness integrates AI-powered semantic search, helping developers quickly navigate and understand the codebase, thus expediting development and debugging.

Automated Pipelines:  Create pipelines with ease, leveraging the hundreds of plugin steps integrating with your tools and technologies.  Pipelines are triggered automatically for code changes, and viewable directly in the pull request.

Security: Robust branch protection rules and user access management ensure secure code management, reducing risks associated with unchecked changes.

Get started with Gitness in minutes

Gitness is ultra lightweight. With a simple Docker command, Gitness is up and running in 30 seconds and runs on a $4 Digital Ocean server!  There’s no learning curve, just start creating the Git repositories you know and love, in the intuitive UI packed with the features you need.

Automated import makes getting started with Gitness a breeze. You can effortlessly import your existing GitLab Groups or GitHub Orgs into Gitness. The import will not only migrate all of the repositories, but even detect any GitHub Actions or GitLab pipelines in those repos and convert them to Gitness YAML. With a single click your repos and pipelines are ready to go, and you can start developing and building your code in Gitness. 

Get started developing in Gitness today!  Check out 

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