September 29, 2020

Introducing The Heroes of Continuous Delivery

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Key takeaway

At Harness, we’re empowering developers to move fast without breaking things.

Harness is a CI/CD platform that simplifies the entire software delivery process. Which is why empowerment is a large part of our work at Harness as it allows us to get ship done.

Empowerment is about autonomy, self-determination, and enablement, not only for individuals but also for communities. It enables entire organizations to take control of their processes and spend time on things that matter. Empowerment is also something to be shared with others within and across teams.

Recognizing Developers and Practitioners

In order to celebrate the leaders, the visionaries, the contributors, and the empowered, Harness is launching the Heroes of Continuous Delivery program.

Through the program, we share the accomplishments of industry professionals by recognizing their software delivery journey, insights, and expertise.

This year we recognized eight professionals as Heroes of Continuous Delivery. These individuals enable CD throughout their organizations, utilizing the best of their tools, automating their deployments, and ensuring scale and security throughout their organizations. We are happy to recognize these individuals empowering software delivery teams to accelerate beyond transformations, migrations, toil, and much more.

The 2020 Heroes of CD:

  • David Sudia - Senior DevOps Engineer at GoSpotCheck
  • Glenn Turner Jr. - Senior Software Engineer at Discover
  • Corey Wagehoft - Architect at Relativity
  • Maya Shallouf - Senior Software Developer at LogMeIn
  • Micah Martin - Director of Engineering at Soulcycle
  • Sylvain Boily - DevOps Manager at Nuance
  • Sebastian Daehne - Senior Manager at LogMeIn
  • Tenzin Wangdhen - Staff SRE at Iterable
  • Michael Baraboo - Senior Software Engineer at Datastax

This year the selection criteria for the Heroes of Continuous Delivery program involved:

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Harness Platform Engagement
  • Leadership
  • and Community Giveback. 

With each of our Heroes of CD receiving:

  • A Custom Heroes of Continuous Delivery branded Yeti Cooler.
  • A Hoodie with a Master of Continuous Delivery Patch.
  • Promotion on the Harness website and blog.
  • A featured page on the Heroes of Continuous Delivery site.
  • An invitation to Unscripted 2020, the software conference for simplifying and scaling software delivery.
Heroes of CD Participants. Illustrated by @ajinda.
Heroes of CD Participants. Illustrated by @ajinda.

Another aspect of the Heroes of Continuous Delivery program is its visual design. Each year we look to commission artists to collaborate on designs to evoke a sense of the benefits around collaboration, delivery, and improvement. This year we’re happy to share our mission with artists such as Ashton Rodenhiser from MindEyeCreativeConsulting and Ajinda (@ajinda).

Continuous Delivery Expertise Highlighted

David Sudia, Software Engineer at GoSpotCheck shares his key takeaways. Illustrated by MindEyeCreativeConsulting.
David Sudia, Software Engineer at GoSpotCheck, shares his key Continuous Delivery and DevOps takeaways, illustrated by MindEyeCreativeConsulting.

We interviewed our eight practitioners across Engineering, DevOps, SRE, and Engineering Leadership roles to share insights into how they solved the challenges of Continuous Delivery within their organizations and careers. This work will be featured in our Continuous Delivery ebook coming in October.

Know a Continuous Delivery Expert? Nominate them today.

We’re happy to share our mission with others through the Heroes of Continuous Delivery recognition program. Stay tuned for updates as they come through by following us on Twitter, and if you’d like to learn more about how our Heroes of Continuous Delivery use Harness today, try our Continuous Delivery Platform for free.

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