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July 21, 2023
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Jira Releases


We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition to Software Engineering Insights!

Jira Releases combined within the lead time metric. With this powerful integration, we are taking release management to the next level, empowering you with enhanced capabilities to streamline your software delivery process.


Building upon our existing lead time feature, we have made it more comprehensive for lead time measurement by integrating Jira Releases into our tool. This integration allows you to seamlessly measure lead time for each release. You can now gain a holistic view of your release process and identify bottlenecks that may be hindering your delivery timelines.

Benefits of this feature

  1. In-Depth Analysis: By combining Jira Releases within lead time measurement, you gain valuable insights into the time taken at each stage of your release process. This visibility allows you to identify areas for optimization and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency.
  2. Improved Predictability: By tracking lead time for each release, you can gain a better understanding of the time required to deliver features and enhancements. This improved predictability allows you to set realistic expectations with stakeholders and ensure smoother project planning and resource allocation.
  3. Continuous Process Improvement: The combination of Jira Releases and lead time measurement facilitates a continuous improvement mindset. By analyzing lead time data, you can identify patterns, recurring issues, and areas of inefficiency. 

The ability to view the insights of the entire release cycle will be available at two levels

  1. Jira Releases Report - This report provides an overview of the releases that are performed across the organization in a given period of time.
  2. Lead Time Report - This report provides granular information on all the stages involved in the entire SDLC workflow until the release.

Soon, we will also be introducing the capabilities of measuring the deployment frequency based on the Jira releases for each team.

Configuration & setup on SEI

With a simple modification to the workflow profile configuration, we will be able to derive both the Jira release based reports on the SEI dashboards.

Best practices

  1. It is always recommended to have good Jira hygiene especially in terms of moving the issues to the right statuses to be able to measure the correct lead time.
  2. All the issues are mapped to a single version rather than multiple versions unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Ensure all the issues are moved to the resolved state (ideally moved to completion from the development and testing perspective)
  4. Have the release performed only after having all the linked issues in the resolved state.

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