June 25, 2024

LitmusChaos Cloud Migrates to Harness Chaos Engineering Free Plan

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LitmusChaos Cloud has migrated to Harness Enterprise SaaS, providing users with comprehensive enterprise features under a free plan that limits experiment runs per month. This shift highlights the evolution of chaos engineering, driven by tools like LitmusChaos, ChaosToolkit, and Chaos Mesh, and emphasizes LitmusChaos's widespread adoption and contribution to industry standards. The Harness Chaos Engineering platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools, offering extensive fault coverage, automated processes, and robust security governance, making it an all-in-one solution for both community and business needs. Users are encouraged to upgrade their chaos engineering efforts by signing up for the free plan, which offers extensive functionalities and ease of use.

LitmusChaos Cloud Migrates to Harness Chaos Engineering Free Plan

LitmusChaos Cloud, the free hosted SaaS option for the LitmusChaos community, has now migrated to the Harness Enterprise SaaS. Users can now enjoy the full range of Enterprise SaaS features alongside all existing LitmusChaos capabilities with the free plan. The free tier of Harness Chaos Engineering SaaS offers all features but limits the number of experiment runs per month, allowing users to leverage enterprise features extensively.

Over the past five years, the Chaos Engineering ecosystem has undergone significant transformation. Open-source tools like LitmusChaos, ChaosToolkit, and Chaos Mesh have led the way, demonstrating the power and utility of chaos engineering tools that meet industry demands and adoption criteria.

Scaling, visualizing, creating experiments, scheduling, and observing results have become essential for the community to achieve success in their Chaos Engineering endeavors. LitmusChaos has revolutionized chaos engineering adoption, defining the principles of chaos engineering and becoming a widely used tool. It has seen substantial growth in both usage and contributions over the past four years, with widespread adoption across industries such as telecom, e-commerce, banking, and automotive.

LitmusChaos has set community standards and become a popular chaos engineering tool. The maintainers and core contributors of LitmusChaos now form the Chaos Engineering team at Harness, and they are looking towards the future of Chaos Engineering. They aim to make Chaos Engineering industry-ready, cater to business requirements, appeal to a broader audience, automate processes, and be adopted by all teams and business verticals.

The Solution?

Building a chaos engineering platform that caters to both community and business needs, recognized as an all-in-one resiliency solution, now known as Harness Chaos Engineering.

The Harness Chaos Engineering Free Plan is a community-led effort to make Chaos Engineering readily available to those looking to upgrade their open-source efforts or seeking a well-supported end-user tool. With a pool of chaos experiments, integration with various CI/CD and observability tools, and the ability to get started in minutes, the journey is smoother than ever.

The Harness Chaos Engineering Free Plan includes all enterprise functionalities and features easy-to-understand documentation highlighting all features and fault types.

Key Features of Harness Chaos Engineering:

1. Extensive Coverage: Our platform offers comprehensive coverage of potential faults, enabling you to identify and rectify weak points, leading to a better and faster user experience.

2. Strengthen Systems: Gain a deeper understanding of your system's vulnerabilities and proactively address potential issues before they impact users, resulting in improved overall system performance.

3. Effortless Automation: Seamlessly implement chaos engineering practices into your workflow without extensive manual intervention.

4. Maximized Efficiency: Automate the chaos engineering process, saving valuable time and resources, allowing your team to focus on developing innovative features while ensuring robust and reliable systems.

5. Full SDLC Coverage: Integrate chaos experiments into your development and deployment pipelines, identifying and addressing potential issues at every stage of your software delivery process.

6. Out-of-the-Box Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with your existing CI/CD pipelines to conduct controlled chaos experiments, ensuring your applications withstand real-world challenges.

7. Policy-Driven: Robust security governance measures ensure your chaos engineering practices adhere to the highest security standards, enabling you to scale without compromising safety.

8. Controlled Testing: Expand your chaos engineering initiatives confidently across your organization, promoting resilience and innovation while maintaining data protection and privacy.

Comparison: Open Source LitmusChaos vs. LitmusChaos Cloud

Open Source Litmus vs Enterprise SaaS Litmus

For users and fans of LitmusChaos, this is an opportunity to enhance and upgrade your Chaos Engineering journey by migrating to LitmusChaos Cloud. Sign up for FREE to experience the ease of resilience verification using chaos experiments. The free plan allows you to run a few chaos experiments at no charge for an unlimited time, boosting Chaos Engineering for the community.

Harness' Chaos Engineering ROI Calculator helps estimate business losses from outages and evaluates the ROI of chaos engineering practices. By simulating failures and optimizing recovery, it improves system reliability and reduces downtime, providing a clear financial benefit to organizations.

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