Developer Observability
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Find and fix issues in minutes (instead of weeks) with full code level visibility and deep context that streamlines remediation efforts across teams — all while keeping your applications up and running.

Complete visibility into errors across Development Pipelines

Release with confidence by finding and fixing errors faster

Minimize Escaped Defects 

Proactively identify new and critical exceptions, and prevent them from negatively impacting customers.

Automate Troubleshooting 

Reduce developer toil by eliminating manual troubleshooting of exceptions in development, testing, and production environments.


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Hundreds of DevOps and engineering teams are powered by Harness to become elite performers in velocity, quality, efficiency, and governance.

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We deploy new features and changes frequently, so it's crucial for us to have a tool that provides real-time feedback on application performance. Harness CET has been instrumental in helping us maintain high-quality standards and has greatly simplified our debugging process. We can now confidently deploy code changes, knowing that we have the ability to detect and address issues early on.

Sanjay Singh
Head of DevSecOps
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Continuous Error Tracking