Delivering Full Visibility into Software Errors

Connect your source code

Instant linkage of application errors to their corresponding source code, including instrumented code.

Streamlined access to code repository, branch, and commits for efficient code  change tracing.

Enhanced developer collaboration and effective error routing to right developers.

Reproduce every issue

Simplified access to the complete call stack.

Navigation option to traverse the call stack,  view linked code and variable data.

Code variables and objects – 10 levels deep into the heap.

Recorded Variables at the time of the event provide rich context for reproducing the issue.

Access logs and machine data instantly

Enhanced by up to 250 log entries produced during the error event occurrence.

No Disk IO – captured directly from the JVM

Access to CPU, Heap, and IO statistics at the moment of the event.

Thread data visibility for active, blocking, and terminated states.

Host / container environment state recorded.

Safeguard downstream environments with CI/CD integration

Early identification and resolution of errors in the CI stage to elevate developer productivity.

Block unreliable deployments from getting promoted to downstream environments.

Analyze errors trends across deployment versions

Augment your observability

Access exception data directly from your logs with log links.

Complete source code, stack, variables and environment details with a simple click from your logs

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Continuous Error Tracking

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Continuous Error Tracking