Automation With Smart Feature Flags

Manage Flags using Gitops Experience

Manage your flags from a YAML file in your Git repository

Synchronize your changes from Git or the Harness Platform

Build Powerful Pipelines


Streamline feature flag approvals for faster deployment.


Schedule feature flag releases with precision and ease.


Stay informed with real-time feature flag updates and alerts.

Progressive Delivery

Gradually roll out feature changes with smart delivery strategies.


Maintain control and governance over your feature flag operations.

Release Management

Individual and Group Targets

Unlock the power of targeted rollouts and seamless release progression with feature flags. Take control of your software releases, test new features with select audiences, and gather valuable user feedback—all while minimizing risks.

Performance and Security

Audit Logging

Secure Flag Change Controls

Programmatic Control with APIs

Manage Every Action with the API


Seamless Workflow Integrations

Analytics and Reporting

Manage Features and Utilization

Lifecycle Management

Keep Your Codebase Organized

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