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5 Core Tenets of Effective DevSecOps

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Today’s cyber threat landscape is rife with sophisticated attacks aimed at every phase of the software supply chain. And one of the greatest challenges of building modern applications is making them more secure without disrupting DevOps processes or degrading the developer experience. Considering this reality, the urgency for software-producing organizations to adopt DevSecOps practices that deeply integrate security throughout the software development life cycle has never been greater. 

With that said, how organizations go about integrating security with DevOps is of critical importance. At present, DevSecOps as a formal practice is still in the early stages of maturity. While the market is flush with information about applicable technologies, there is still little available practical guidance for how to bring tools, technologies, and people together to achieve the difficult objective of building more secure applications, faster.

This webinar offers up expert guidance on how to build and maintain a highly effective DevSecOps practice, by way of 5 core tenets focusing on people, tools, and processes. 

  • Understand the evolving security threat landscape around modern applications and the implications for software-producing organizations
  • Understand how the application of security in devops environments can impact velocity and the developer experience
  • Get an overview of 5 guiding principles on how to harness the tools, technologies and practices that drive highly effective DevSecOps

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