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GitOps, OpenTofu and the new world of Infrastructure-as-Code Management

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With the rise of GitOps and cloud resources, managing infrastructure-as-code (IaC) has become increasingly normal in the enterprise. There is a need to balance ease of use for developers with governance and control. This has led Platform Engineers to build out standard, scalable solutions for their organizations.

Making the core open-source tools enterprise-ready can be a challenge for many platform engineering teams. It can be a struggle to meet the requirements of security scans and cost policies which don’t integrate well with other parts of the Software Development Lifecycle. This means that developers have to devote time and resources to build and maintain their IaC or rely upon a centralized team to execute infrastructure change requests which hampers the developer experience.

In this webinar, Martin Reynolds, Field CTO at Harness will explore the common challenges with Infrastructure as Code Management (IaCM) as well as the potential solutions offered through Harness’ new IaCM solution which is built upon OpenTofu, a fork of Terraform that is open-source, community-driven, and managed by the Linux Foundation. This session will also include a live demonstration of Harness IaCM.

Key takeaways:

  • An exploration of the most common challenges with IaCM today and how to solve them.
  • A discussion around the value of OpenTofu and how to get involved. 
  • A demonstration of Harness IaCM in action.

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