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The CISO’s Quick Study Guide To Building More Secure Applications

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Software represents the largest under-addressed attack surface that organizations face today. While building more secure applications is a top priority for enterprises today, many run into significant challenges. First, traditional application security practices are not effective in a DevOps world. Second, the use of open source software (OSS) components to build applications is prolific, and organizations struggle to govern OSS usage to where they can ensure the integrity of their applications to their customers.

Solving these challenges begins with a collaborative approach to integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle for the purpose of making software supply chains and application development pipelines more secure without degrading developer productivity. This relatively nascent practice is formally known as DevSecOps.

In this webinar, you’ll get expert guidance on how best to approach building an effective DevSecOps practice that works for software developers and achieves the critical objectives of protecting devops environments, finding and remediating vulnerabilities, securing the software supply chain, and ensuring overall software integrity for your organization’s customers.

  • Understand the key security challenges inherent to development pipelines and the broader software supply chain
  • Understand how the application of security practices and tooling in devops environments can impact velocity and the developer experience
  • Get expert guidance on the tools, technologies and practices that drive highly effective DevSecOps

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