CI Platforms

Platform Engineering is the Next Phase of Developer Experience and Efficiency

Let’s discuss what platform engineering is and how your team can get started.

What is CircleCI? A Look at Features and Use Cases

In this review, we go over what continuous integrations is, what CircleCI is, pros and cons, use cases, and how it compares to Harness CI.

Your First CI/CD Plugin

Learn how to create your first Harness CI / Drone plugin to deploy on the Harness CD Platform leveraging Harness' APIs.

Harness CI and Harness CD - Your First True CI/CD Pipeline

Let’s take a look at what leveraging a Harness CI / Drone Pipeline to build then leveraging Harness CD to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster.

Everything You Need to Know About Verified GitOps

GitOps: A good start, but how can we make it better? Enter Verified GitOps. Verification in GitOps can be a challenge come and learn from Harness!

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