March 22, 2024

Introducing Developer 360 pricing by Harness - supercharge your Developer Experience the easy way

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We're excited to announce the launch of Developer 360 - our new and simplified pricing model, designed to offer greater transparency, flexibility, and ease of use.

We're excited to announce the launch of Developer 360 - our new and simplified pricing model, designed to offer greater transparency, flexibility, and ease of use.

Harness' mission has always been to empower organizations to achieve increased developer productivity, while creating true developer delight. Our new pricing structure reflects this commitment by making it easier than ever to get started with Harness and scale your platform usage as your organization and needs evolve.

What's New?

Simplified Developer Pricing: Harness is an incredibly powerful software development & delivery platform that provides developer / DevOps / App Security / SRE / FinOps focused functionality packaged into ‘modules’ that engineering teams can buy. All Harness modules are now priced per developer - this allows for a very simple and intuitive pricing structure that maps to your development organization, and is directly tied to the value you create - Developer Productivity and Developer Experience.

Powerful Plans: We've consolidated our offerings into three distinct plans: Free, Startup, and Enterprise. Each plan offers the complete breadth of the Harness platform, allowing you to experience Harness, at any scale.

Flexibility: Harness firmly believes in partnering with software development leaders in their developer maturity journey. Unlike competition, Harness does not package a set of capabilities in our plans that customers are forced to buy. We allow complete flexibility to buy only the specific modules that solve current needs. Over time, we have the conviction that development teams will fall in love with all the modules of the Harness platform.

Predictability: Pricing per developer allows development teams to have a very clear assessment of costs, along with a very predictable growth in spend, directly aligned with growth of their team.

Who is a Developer?

In today’s modern digital era, every business is becoming a software business, powered by the core engineering organization that spans Developers, DevOps, Quality Engineers, Data Engineers, Product Managers, Security Engineers, and more. Harness as a leading software development and delivery platform, caters to these multiple personas, while powering the complete Software Development Lifecycle. At Harness, every user who contributes to software development / deployment / operations / optimization and more is considered a Developer.

Plans - Free, Startup, Enterprise

Developer 360 brings powerful new plans for engineering teams to start with.

Developer 360 Pricing

Free Plans

Individual Developers / small teams can get started with Harness Free Plans, providing access to the Harness platform, with available functionality across the following modules:

  • Code Repository
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery & GitOps
  • Feature Flags
  • Cloud Cost Management
  • Chaos Engineering

All Free Plans on the Harness platform come with the power of AI (including AIDA - Harness AI Development Assistant), state of the art developer experience (including Git Experience & out of the box Templates), native integration with 100s of 3rd party tools, Custom Dashboards for teams to build their own analytics, and enterprise-grade governance & security.

Startup Plans

Startups can leverage the new Harness Startup plans from Harness, that offer the power of Harness Enterprise plans, at a much more lucrative pricing. Startups can choose one, more or all of the following modules, as part of this plan:

  • Code Repository
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery & GitOps
  • Feature Flags
  • Infrastructure as Code Management
  • Cloud Cost Management
  • Internal Developer Portal

Startup plans provide options of Yearly or Monthly billing, with monthly only available as part of in-product buy experience. This means that getting started with Harness is easier than ever. Teams can sign up to Harness Free plans for any modules of interest, and when ready, self-service upgrade to Startup plan for one or more modules. To be eligible for Startup pricing, your company must be less than 500 employees and you are purchasing a maximum of 100 Developer Licenses, or less than $5M in cloud spend for Cloud Cost Management.

Enterprise Plans

Enterprises can of course leverage Harness Enterprise plans that offer the complete power as well as flexibility of the Harness product portfolio. All Harness modules are available in Enterprise tier, and teams can choose to start with one, more or all modules, and add more at their own pace. Modules available as Enterprise plans:

  • DevOps Modernizations
    • Code Repository
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery & GitOps
    • Feature Flags
    • Chaos Engineering
    • Infrastructure as Code Management
    • Service Reliability Management
  • Improve Developer Experience 
    • Internal Developer Portal
    • Software Engineering Insights
  • Secure Software Delivery
    • Security Test Orchestration
    • Software Supply Chain Assurance
  • Cloud Cost Optimizations
    • Cloud Cost Management

Note that the older Harness Team plans are being deprecated and all existing Harness customers on Team plans can seamlessly move to Startup plans (more powerful than existing Team plans), or upgrade to Enterprise plans.

Benefits of Developer 360

Faster Time to Value: Get started quickly with Free plans, and experience the power of Harness without any upfront costs.

Flexible Scaling: As teams grow and continue to mature in their SDLC maturity journey, it’s easy to adopt Startup or Enterprise plans of any of the Harness modules. The flexibility of buying only what one needs now, and easily adding more modules to your subscription at will, is a defining feature of Developer 360.

Cost-Effectiveness: With simplified developer pricing and transparent plans, teams can optimize Harness spend and ensure it aligns with their specific usage.

Ready to Get Started?

With Developer 360, we strongly believe that this new pricing model makes Harness even more accessible and valuable for organizations of all sizes, helping them achieve enhanced developer productivity, while creating a world-class developer experience. Visit our new Pricing Page to learn more about Developer 360 plans and choose the one that best suits your requirements. To dive deeper into Developer 360, review Harness Documentation.

To get started with Harness for free, Sign up now.

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