Announcing the General Availability of Harness Developer Hub

We are excited to announce the GA of Harness Developer Hub (HDH), bringing Tutorials, Documentation (including Release Notes), and Certifications in one location.

Lessonly by Seismic Says Goodbye to Jenkins and Toil With Harness CI Enterprise

Learn how Lessonly by Seismic went from toil with Jenkins to peace of mind with Harness CIE.

Saved $1.2 Million in CI/CD Maintenance Costs

Learn how Tyler Technologies saved $1.2 million in CI/CD maintenance costs

Reduces Pipelining Effort by 88%

Find out how Sweetwater simplified pipeline administration with Harness.

3X Deployment Frequency & Decreases Deployment Time 75%

Find out how Marketron tripled velocity with Harness.

Migrates to Kubernetes with One Developer and Harness

Find out how Tilting Point sped up their cloud migration with Harness.

Reduced CI/CD Time & Effort by 80%

Learn how Soulcycle evaluated open-source and Harness for Ci/CD and reduced their deployment effort by 80%

Scaled Kubernetes Continuous Delivery with GitOps

Learn how Ruckus scaled Kubernetes Continuous Delivery using Harness GitOps

Selects Harness over Spinnaker For Secure Continuous Delivery

Relativity selects Harness over Spinnaker resulting in massive security improvements.

Achieved On-Demand Deployments in Weeks

Learn how OpenBank (Digital Bank of Santander) empowered engineers with on-demand deployments during their AWS cloud migration

Meltwater Runs 1200 Pipelines Per Day With Harness CI

Learn how Meltwater builds 1200 artifacts a day.

Standardized CI/CD Pipelines Across Teams

Learn how LogMeIn onboards new microservices in just one hour.

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