Announcing the General Availability of Harness Developer Hub

We are excited to announce the GA of Harness Developer Hub (HDH), bringing Tutorials, Documentation (including Release Notes), and Certifications in one location.

Lessonly by Seismic Says Goodbye to Jenkins and Toil With Harness CI Enterprise

Learn how Lessonly by Seismic went from toil with Jenkins to peace of mind with Harness CIE.

Drops Jenkins - Saves $180k Per Year and Deploys 3x Faster

BetterCloud is a leading SaaS Management Platform that dropped Jenkins and saved $180k per year. Learn how they did this with Harness.

Empowers 700 Engineers with Harness

Advanced saw a 10x return on their investment in 2 months. Find out how.

Accelerates AWS Cloud Migration

Beachbody avoided the headache associated with cloud migrations by leveraging Harness continuous delivery.

Accelerates Kubernetes Migration by Four Months

Without Harness, Casting Networks would be 4 months behind their Kubernetes migration schedule.

Deploys 3x More Software With 75% Less Downtime Risk

Deploy more and break less. This became a reality for Entur.

Onboards Kubernetes Apps in 3 Hours

ConsumerTrack saves $580k with Harness.

Reduces Developer Toil by 94% Using Drone and Harness

Lavasoft uses both Drone and Harness to create the ideal software delivery environment.

Reduces Deployment Time by 90% with Harness

Jobvite learns about the power of a true CD tool. Learn about their journey here.

Selects Harness over Spinnaker For Secure Continuous Delivery

Relativity selects Harness over Spinnaker resulting in massive security improvements.

Reduces Pipelining Effort by 88%

Find out how Sweetwater simplified pipeline administration with Harness.

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