Introducing Software Engineering Insights 

The Harness Software Engineering Insights™ module gives engineering leaders actionable data to measure and optimize software delivery processes and improve developer experience. 

‍Harness® Acquires Propelo, Bringing Actionable Engineering Insights to Award-Winning Software Delivery Platform

Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, today announced the acquisition of Propelo, Inc., an industry leader in engineering productivity, and the general availability of Harness Software Engineering Insights™ module.

Harness Named Best End-to-End DevOps Tool/Service

Harness honored in Techstrong Group's 2022 DevOps Dozen for Tools and Services.

Harness Celebrates Hispanic + Latino Heritage Month

Members of our Amigos de Harness employee resource group share their stories as they celebrate their vibrant culture with us all.

Introducing On-Premise Support for Feature Flags to Deploy More Securely

This new deployment model is particularly important for organizations that have complex self-hosted software delivery models, including government and public sector organizations with highly specific regulatory and implementation requirements, as well as enterprise security companies.

Harness Security Testing Orchestration Module is Now Generally Available to Accelerate Secure Software Delivery

We’ve incorporated valuable end user feedback into several key new features, which we are now excited to announce with the General Availability (GA) of the Harness Security Testing Orchestration module.

Introducing codeAbout Livestream Series for the Harness User Community

We're excited to launch a new livestream series called codeAbout for the Harness user community. We'll be exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Harness ecosystem from CI to CD to Chaos with a rotating cast of special guests.

Extending GitOps to the Enterprise

Join Samarth Wadhwa and Srinivasa Gurubelli in this webinar as they go over everything GitOps at the enterprise level.

Harness Audit Trails - Managing Deployment Pipelines

The Harness audit trail is an electronic record of chronological events that relate to all deployment pipeline activity.

Harness Introduces StackDriver Support for Automated Canary Deployments and Health Checks

Stackdriver is a popular monitoring tool for observing performance and diagnostic data. Learn how Harness supports Stackdriver.

Helm Support for Harness Continuous Delivery

We've upgraded our Helm integration to offer canary and blue-green deployments, automated rollbacks, and more! Check it out now.

Harness Introduces PagerDuty Support for Real-Time Deployment Notifications

PagerDuty was one of the most requested integrations by our customers. Today, all these notification channels are now supported.

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