May 29, 2024

Welcome Split to the Harness team

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Harness is acquiring Split Software to deliver the most powerful Feature Management and Experimentation offering in the industry.

I’m excited to share that Harness is acquiring Split Software. Brian, Trevor, Pato, and the rest of the Split team have built an industry-leading product that allows teams to release software updates quickly and safely through advanced feature flagging, A/B testing, and real-time experimentation. 

Left to right:
Trevor Stuart (Co-Founder and President, Split), Pato Echagüe (Co-Founder and CTO, Split), Jyoti Bansal (Co-Founder and CEO, Harness), Brian Bell (CEO, Split), Harish Doddala (GM, Harness)


As many know, I have always been passionate about the need for feature management and experimentation to be fully integrated into the Software Development Lifecycle. It’s what drove us to release our module for Feature Flags in 2022. These capabilities — which easily turn features on and off for specific subsets of users — are critical for organizations looking to gain a competitive edge in the speed of software delivery. Modern software teams are increasingly adopting feature management and experimentation as a standard practice to help them write, test, and deploy code quickly and reliably. We have seen impressive market demand for a robust solution integrated directly into the entire software delivery platform. 

With our acquisition of Split, that is precisely what we will deliver to our customers. Combining our industry-leading DevOps products with the advanced Feature Flags and Experimentation offerings from Split, we will create the most powerful Feature Management offering in the industry. What sets our approach apart is the idea of measurement: providing development teams with real-time insight into what happens when you release a feature into the market and the impact that feature has on business outcomes. 

The timing couldn’t be better for our two companies to come together, and I am confident that investing more in this space will deliver tremendous value for our customers.  The market demand is massive, and we are very much still in the early stages of what is possible with this powerful technology. 

Our mission has always been to build a comprehensive platform for software delivery, providing not only a seamlessly integrated suite of products, but also ensuring every module in our portfolio is best-in-class. I have known Trevor, Pato, and the founding team at Split since before I founded Harness. I remain as impressed with their team and solution today as I was during our first meeting back in 2016. Together, our teams will be a force multiplier for our customers and empower them to gain and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving software delivery landscape. 

Welcome to the future of feature management and experimentation! 🚀

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