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April 18, 2023
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Harness Introduces New Jira Software Integrations, Enabling a More Efficient Workflow for Developers


We are proud to share news announcing the release of new Jira Software integrations for our Continuous Integration (CI) and Feature Flags modules. Read all the details in our press release.


LAS VEGAS, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Harness®, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, today at Atlassian Team '23, announced the release of new Jira Software integrations in two Harness modules– Harness Continuous Integration (CI) and Harness Feature Flags– giving customers visibility into feature development and release information within Jira Software. The new Harness/Jira Software integrations are now available in the Atlassian Marketplace and are the latest collaboration in the companies' long-term partnership. These integrations can give software teams a productivity boost by increasing visibility and collaboration across the entire software development process.

"Integrating Harness and Jira Software through Harness CI and Feature Flags provides users what they need most today: a consolidated view of issues across different environments in the development lifecycle," said Richard O'Connell, Head of Partner Growth at Atlassian. "From the creation of a Jira ticket to the deployment in different environments, all users – from project managers to non-technical users – are able to understand and digest the latest deployment information, without the need to navigate to another tool."

Organizations across industries are under pressure to deliver high-quality software at a faster pace, leading to teams adopting more agile processes. The number of individuals who require visibility into the development process becomes larger while the need for consolidation of tools grows. Understanding how a feature is being released, when Jira issues have been deployed, and whether a build has passed or failed is important for teams to stay aligned and better serve their customers. With Harness CI and Feature Flags in Jira, organizations can move more efficiently and innovate faster by correlating and consolidating issues across different environments in the development lifecycle.

"Developers today are plagued by constant context-switching and a disorganized toolchain, and these issues become major bottlenecks to their productivity," said Brant Williams, Vice President, Partners and Alliances at Harness. "What's more, today's teams don't have enough visibility into development workflows to collaborate efficiently together. For organizations seeking to improve their developer experience and create a more integrated workflow, integrations like Harness CI and Feature Flag apps in Atlassian are a significant step forward: cutting down on the number of tools and platforms that must be managed, allowing organizations to move faster and drive technology advancement."

The availability of Harness Feature Flags in Atlassian Marketplace simplifies release management and workflows while creating visibility into how changes are being rolled out to customers, all within Jira. Harness Feature Flags enables a comprehensive view within Jira tickets to understand how changes are being released, which feature flag controls the change, whether the change has been released to users, and what percent of users are getting access to the change. Moreover, it also allows users to modify release strategies and control the customer experience within Harness. Overall, Harness Feature Flags integrated with Jira lets engineers see the full impact of what they're working on, and brings them closer to their end users to drive value that's more aligned with what customers want.

To learn more about Harness' market-leading CI and Feature Flags applications now available in the Atlassian Marketplace, please visit:

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