Static vs. Dynamic Code Analysis: How to Choose Between Them

When it comes to static vs dynamic code analysis, what’s the difference between them, and how do you know which one to use?

Tabs vs. Spaces: How They Write Java at Google, Twitter, Mozilla, and Pied Piper

In this post we will highlight formatting guidelines and different Java coding styles in companies like Google, Twitter, Mozilla, the Java standard, and our own teams at Harness.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes: Choosing the Right Cloud-Native Application Deployment Platform

In this post, we’ll cover the basic differences between the two, when it’s best to use one rather than the other, and when it’s best to use them together.

The Ultimate JSON Library: JSON.simple vs. GSON vs. Jackson vs. JSONP

We ran a benchmark test to see how fast four of the most popular JSON libraries for Java parse different sizes of files. This benchmark can help you decide.

Java NullPointerException: One Tiny Thing That’s Killing Your Chances of Solving It

In this post, we highlight the shortcomings of relying on stack traces alone for investigating Java NullPointerExceptions.

AppDynamics vs. Dynatrace: Battle of the Enterprise Monitoring Giants

Enterprise application performance monitoring: A practical comparison between AppDynamics and Dynatrace.

Is Standard Java Logging Dead? Log4j vs. Log4j2 vs. Logback vs. java.util.logging

In this post, we’ll explore the resulting data set from another angle, shed some more light on the dataset, and put the focus on the use of standard java.util.logging levels

Forget Guava: 5 Google Libraries Java Developers Should Know

A look at five Google libraries that could make your life easier.

Deployment Management Tools: Chef vs. Puppet vs. Ansible vs. SaltStack vs. Fabric

A comparison of deployment management tools, including Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack and Fabric.

Java Debugger – The Definitive List of Tools

A look at the different types of Java debuggers available.

Java on Steroids: 5 Super Useful JIT Optimization Techniques

JVMs JIT compiler is one of the fascinating mechanisms on the Java platform. It optimizes your code for performance, without giving away its readability.

JUnit vs TestNG: Which Testing Framework Should You Choose?

A comparison of the features and use cases of JUnit and TestNG.

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