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January 3, 2024

5 Reasons to Attend Chaos Carnival

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Key takeaway

Harness is excited to host the fourth annual Chaos Carnival, a FREE two-day virtual conference on January 24-25, 2024. So, have you registered yet? Here are five reasons why you should register today!

  1. Amazing Keynote Speakers
    We’re going to have four fantastic keynote speakers, including:
    Jyoti Bansal, Founder & CEO, Harness
    Raj Thomas
    , Principal Enterprise Architect, United Airlines
    Nicolas Chaillan, Founder of Ask Sage, Former Chief Software Officer of the U.S. Air Force and Space Force
    Vidhu Bhala RV, Vice President, QA and Delivery and Efficiency, Standard Chartered Bank

    Keynotes we'll focus on:
  • 🔥 The urgency of adopting chaos engineering practices to give the best developer experience and customer satisfaction
  • 🏫 Case studies of leveraging chaos engineering to launch reliable products and services
  • 🔐 How shift-left reliability can be learned from shift-left security practices
  • 🧑💻Implementing chaos engineering throughout the developer lifecycle

  1. Hands-on Workshop + Certification
    Haven’t ran a chaos test before? We’ll have a sandbox environment on Kubernetes and a sample application on which you can test and build resilience. Whether you are a developer, SRE, product manager, or CEO, you can walk away having successfully tested the resilience of an application. Plus, we will be offering our new Harness chaos engineering certification course!

  1. You'll Gain Valuable Insights into Creating More Resilient Systems
    The theme of this year’s conference is Build Resilience Through Chaos. With chaos engineering, testing and proactively improving application resilience is now possible.  Chaos engineering has created a new generation of resilient systems that enable developers to focus on innovation rather than the distractions of system failures. Attend Chaos Carnival to learn how to adopt or scale your chaos engineering practice and build more resilient systems.

    Check out my favorite Chaos Carnival 2023 video:

  1. Top Chaos Engineering Experts
    Chaos Carnival is more than just a conference. It’s a global two-day virtual event for all things chaos engineering that will enable attendees to learn from the best minds in the industry. See how enterprises like Harness, AWS, and Google are building resilient cloud-native systems. Hear from the most talented and passionate chaos engineering experts sharing ideas about reliability, resilience, and Kubernetes.

    Topics will include:
  • SRE enablement and best practices
  • Observability
  • Shift-left chaos testing
  • Cloud-native chaos engineering
  • Resilience vs. chaos engineering

    You don’t want to miss it.

  1. Serious Networking Opportunities
    Chaos Carnival includes more than 30 sessions to help you expand your knowledge of chaos engineering. You can learn from experts worldwide, participate in interactive talks, and attend breakout sessions and workshops.

    Throughout all these sessions, you’ll be able to engage and network with the global chaos engineering community.

    What are you waiting for? Register today!

    To learn more about Chaos Carnival, visit
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