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September 14, 2023
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Harness Announces the 4th Edition of Chaos Engineering Conference focusing on Software Resilience


Get ready to dive deep into the excitement of chaos engineering! As Harness launches the 4th edition of Chaos Carnival in 2024, we're set to redefine the boundaries of software resilience in today's tech landscape. Uncover groundbreaking chaos studies, connect with developer visionaries, explore state-of-the-art open-source and enterprise solutions, and stay ahead of the latest developments in software resilience. Whether you're embarking on your chaos journey or looking to elevate your game, this is where transformative insights await!

Uniting Innovators Across the Globe

Dive into the dynamic world of Chaos Carnival, our annual virtual conference that's been setting the stage for Chaos Engineering since 2020. It's not just a conference – it's where the brightest minds in chaos engineering converge. Join a diverse group of CTOs, engineers, developers, pioneers, and thinkers, all tuned into the pulse of chaos innovation.

Riding high on the theme "Build Resilience Through Chaos," we emphasize not just the theory but the vital application of Chaos Engineering in navigating the unpredictable digital landscape we encounter today.

The power of chaos engineering? It enables businesses to channel their energy into groundbreaking innovations, leaving the dread of system failures behind. With advanced tools in chaos engineering, proactive enhancement becomes the norm, ensuring that software remains reliable and resilient.

Jyoti Bansal, CEO of Harness, sums it up: "Chaos Carnival isn't just a conference; it's a global conversation. The surging demand for software reliability and resilience underscores our mission – to foster expansive dialogues and cultivate a thriving community of forward-thinking developers."

Elevate Your Journey: Chaos Carnival 2024 Awaits!

Unlock a world of opportunities with this year’s enhanced Chaos Carnival. We're rolling out two tailor-made tracks: Chaos Beginner for those embarking on their chaos journey and Chaos Expert packed with inspiring success tales, real-world use cases, strategies for enterprise adoption, thrilling GameDays, and beyond.

Be at the forefront of innovation as you immerse yourself in insights from four trailblazing keynotes, 30+ engaging talks, hands-on workshops, and riveting panel discussions. Dive deep into open-source software, like LitmusChaos, multi-faceted programming languages, cutting-edge product development, cloud innovation, and more. Yes, even the world of the renowned Chaos Monkey!

Chaos Carnival isn't just another event. It's where the global chaos community gathers to challenge, collaborate, and change the future.

Unleash Your Potential: Register & Contribute!

Why just attend when you can shape the conversation? Whether you're an SRE, developer, QA wizard, Cloud Architect, or any trailblazer in resilience practices, now's your time. Not only is registration completely complimentary, but we also invite you to amplify your voice by submitting a CFP.

Submit your paper today!

Your Spotlight Awaits: Speak at Chaos Carnival 2024

From first-time speakers to seasoned experts, Chaos Carnival is the stage to share your passion. Illuminate the audience with your insights in breakout sessions, lightning talks, or stirring panel discussions. Hurry, the window for speaker applications closes on December 1st, 2023! Submit your CFP today!

Elevate Your Brand: Sponsor Chaos Carnival 2024

Align with excellence. As our sponsor, place your brand at the epicenter of innovation, gaining unparalleled exposure to a diverse global audience passionate about chaos engineering, open-source dynamics, cloud-native technologies, and beyond. This is your golden ticket to synergize with the best in the industry. For exclusive sponsorship opportunities, reach out to us at

Elevate Your Game: Spark Software Resilience & Dive into Our Global Community

Curious about what's in store for 2024? Last year's Chaos Carnival garnered a staggering turnout with 3,200+ global participants and featured tech giants, including AWS, Google, Azure, Aqua Security, Mitigant, Blameless, Nagarro, Grafana, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many more.

Jumpstart your 2024 by being among the earliest to register – and stand a chance to snag an Amazon gift card (and, of course, some serious bragging rights)! 🎁✨

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✨ Harness Chaos Engineering

Join the momentum. Shape the future. See you at the Carnival! 🎪🚀

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