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December 23, 2020
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Gain New Perspectives on Your Cloud Bill


In order to gain control of ballooning cloud spend, it’s imperative to create a shared responsibility and culture that spreads cloud cost visibility across many functions. We built Cloud Cost Management to empower engineering and DevOps teams so they can proactively manage and optimize cloud costs, allowing finance teams to “shift down” the responsibility of cloud costs to the people who consume cloud resources. We’ve just enhanced Harness Cloud Cost Management with the ability to create and save customized views with the exact information each individual needs to understand their contribution to cloud spend. We call this capability “Perspectives.”

Gain Perspective with this Cloud Cost Management Tool

You can think of Perspectives as a combination of custom dashboards and reports. Users of Harness Cloud Cost Management will frequently filter and group vast amounts of cloud spend data to focus the results in the most meaningful way for their use case. For example, a CFO may want to see all costs grouped by cloud provider so they can get a high level view of cloud spend at any given moment. A Developer may want to see the costs of a single service as it is deployed across environments like dev, QA, and production. An Engineering Manager might want to see the costs of multiple services that fall under the responsibility of her team.

Harness’ new Perspectives capability makes it easy to create and store customized views. In just a few clicks you can create a new perspective, get it emailed on a schedule, and share it with your teammates. Perspectives are subject to the same fine grained access controls as everything else within Harness. Only the people you explicitly share access with are able to see the existence of, and data within any perspective.

Multi-Cloud Perspectives

Setting Cloud Budgets on Perspectives

Providing a customized view of cloud costs is great, but what's even better is getting alerted when these costs breach certain thresholds. For example, as a Developer Manager I can get alerts when the costs of my services hit 50%, 80%, or 100% of a pre-defined spending limit. These budget alerts make it simple for me to make adjustments as needed to stay within budget.

No matter what role within an organization, each individual needs to get their own view of cloud spend that is relevant to their realm of responsibility. Understanding cloud costs, from the Developer to the CFO, is how organizations will finally be able to effectively gain control over high cloud bills. Perspectives allow organizations to set a cloud cost visibility and optimization strategy. Sign up for your free trial of Harness Cloud Cost Management today and take control over your cloud bill.

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