September 28, 2020

Harness Product Update | September 2020

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Key takeaway

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is in the air in September. As our coffee starts to include more pumpkin spice, we have been hard at work at Harness helping our community and clients improve software delivery. From allowing everyone to enjoy cloud cost optimizations to enhancements to our platform, lots of great items to help you deliver better in September. 

Cloud Cost Management Trial

Core to our mission to democratize cloud cost, we recently introduced the ability to take a trial of Cloud Cost Management. If you were curious about the insights that Cloud Cost Management can give you on your cluster and/or cloud spend, getting started is easy. The proof is in the pudding. You can sign up for a trial directly in the Harness Platform by clicking on Cloud Cost Management or if you are new to the platform, can sign up for a new account

Google Cloud Build Support

As cloud vendors start to expand the ability to build on their platforms, behind a feature flag is now support for Google Cloud Build. Now you can run Google Cloud Builds as part of a Harness Workflow. The Harness Documentation has how you get integrated with Cloud Build. 

Additional Updates

  • Behind a feature flag, Harness now supports the creation and templating of Custom Deployment Types. If you are familiar with the abstraction model, the Harness Platform would prompt you on how you want to deploy e.g in Kubernetes if leveraging Helm/Kustomize, those would be the Deployment Types. For platforms that are not part of the Harness ecosystem, you can now define the strategy Harness would take to deploy e.g artifact pickup, workflow steps, etc.
  • They say that the Kubernetes world runs on CRDs [custom resource definitions]. Recent enhancements to the Harness Platform now allows for CRDs to be managed resources inside the Harness Platform. Roll-back and steady-state checks are now possible with the recent set of enhancements. 

State of Developer Satisfaction 2020

With the unprecedented events of 2020 impacting our society, we have all been impacted in some shape or form. At Harness combined with our own internal efforts to cope with the shifting times, we sent out a comprehensive survey to 500 developers in peer organizations around satisfaction. We analyzed and aggregated trends that we were seeing in peer organizations. For example, 74% of respondents said that their organization will maintain remote teams after the pandemic. Read the results of our report here

{Unscripted} Conference Update

Next month is our first-ever industry conference, {Unscripted} which will be taking place on October 21st-22nd. Our agenda is now live and packed with a great lineup of speakers. Make sure to register for {Unscripted} if you have not already. We are excited to see everyone next month! 

Notable Mentions

We’ve been getting some press in September! Here are the highlights.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. Find all of our events on our upcoming event page.

A Yeti to Keep Your PSL Warm?

As pumpkin spice starts to be infused with your morning coffee and for that matter all through the day, grab a Harness Yeti Tumbler to get your drink warm or cool all day. See a demo of the Harness Platform and your goals of all day warm or cold drinks will come true. 

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