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July 25, 2023
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Thousands of community plugins at your fingertips with Harness CI


We've all been there when creating CI pipelines. You're working on a project, and you find you need to automate a task. If you’re lucky - the CI solution you are using already has an integration you could use. But what if one isn’t available? In such cases, it’s great to be able to

tap into the collective wisdom of the developer community. That's where open-source automation shines. It's like having a team of developers from around the world contributing to your project. 

Harness CI unlocks a world of community automation for you, enabling you to use Drone plugins, Bitrise steps, and GitHub Actions open-source community automation tasks in your Harness CI pipelines. That way, you can leverage proven community plugins, benefiting from the collective wisdom of the developer community, while using the fastest CI solution in the market, Harness CI.

The Power Of Using Community Automation

Harness CI doesn't just enable you to use a wide range of open-source community automation; it opens up a universe of benefits:

  • Unleashing Thousands of Integrations: Harness CI offers more integrations than any other CI vendor, providing you with unmatched flexibility and choice.
  • Streamlining Pipeline Authoring: Harness CI simplifies the process of authoring CI pipelines, letting you focus on what truly matters - your code.
  • Seamless Transition to Harness CI: You can switch to Harness CI and continue using your favorite open-source community integrations.

Using Open-Source Community Integrations

Using community integration in Harness CI is easy. Leverage the ‘Plugin’ step, ‘GitHub Actions Plugin’ step or ‘Bitrise Plugin step’, to leverage Drone plugins, Github Actions and Bitrise steps respectively. 

For example, the following pipeline uses ‘actions/setup-java@v3’ to set up the Java environment that the subsequent steps in the stage can use to Java 17.

Harness CI Pipeline using Github Actions Step

In yaml, a step that runs a GitHub action may looks like: 

- step:
    type: Action
    name: setup java
    identifier: setup_java
      uses: actions/setup-java@v3
           distribution: 'temurin'
           java-version: '17'

To learn more information, please visit our developer hub :


Harness CI offers a unique approach to continuous integration by embracing the power of open-source automation. It simplifies pipeline authoring, makes transitioning to the platform a breeze, and offers a suite of advanced features as part of the broader Harness platform. With Harness CI, you can continue to use your favorite open-source community integrations while benefiting from a robust and flexible CI solution.

What’s next?

Ready to experience the power of open-source automation with Harness CI? Why not give it a try today and discover how Harness CI can supercharge your software delivery process. 

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