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September 21, 2023
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Elevating AIDA™: Harness Unveils 7 New Innovative Capabilities


An AI-Infused SDLC Like Never Before

At the {unscripted} conference, Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform® company, announced 7 new features for our AI Development Assistant, AIDA™. 

In the dynamic realm of technology, where the lines between human ability and machine efficiency constantly blur, AIDA stands as a beacon, evolving beyond mere "artificial" intelligence. 

"At Harness, we firmly believe in the concept of augmented intelligence, where our tools don't replace human talent but rather amplify it, acting as robust collaborators. We are unlocking the power of generative AI to empower developers. Our goal isn't just to remove developer toil from the SDLC, but eliminate it completely" said Harish Dodalla, VP Product Management, Harness.

True to this vision, AIDA's seven new capabilities are not just features; they're revolutionaries. Their primary mission? To empower every developer by drastically reducing the toil that often dampens creativity, efficiency, and productivity.

We are thrilled to announce these new capabilities that promise to set a new benchmark in developer empowerment and the elimination of toil. 

Transform Your SDLC Experience with AI For DevOps

Let’s dive into these new features and how they span across each stage of the software delivery life cycle (SDLC).

AIDA brings to the table a powerful semantic search capability, ensuring you can navigate and manage your codebase with unparalleled precision. Starting with intuitive automated onboarding processes, AIDA simplifies initial Feature Flag setups, enabling seamless integration into your development environment. Have any questions? AIDA support is there to answer them quickly. Dive deeper with AIDA’s advanced build and deploy troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring your code runs optimally. Enhance pipeline system integrity with our dynamic OPA policy generation and validate the resiliency of your infrastructure while using ChaosGuard™ to provide security governance. Concluding the cycle, AIDA's custom dashboard configuration offers granular analytics and real-time data visualizations. 

Start Developing With Ease

A Leap in Precision: Semantic Search 

Harness AIDA has several functionalities as a development assistant. Starting with semantic search, Harness AIDA allows a developer to quickly search repositories for relevant code in our Code Repository product.

AIDA’s Semantic Search capability leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the context around code, making the answers to search queries more relevant. It understands the meaning behind code, not just the keywords.

AIDA’s Semantic Search capability streamlines code discovery, allowing developers to efficiently find what they need.

Semantic Search

Feature Flags Unleashed: Seamless Integration with Automated Onboarding Code Samples

For Harness’s Feature Flags product, AIDA’s generative AI facilitates the onboarding experience by removing the manual efforts of learning how to integrate the product by providing code examples to use the SDKs. After simply selecting the desired language, framework, and version, AIDA seamlessly generates tailored code to help get you started immediately.

This isn't just a tool, it's a powerful developer asset, designed to elevate efficiency and precision in the development workflow. Now, developers are able to swiftly onboard Feature Flags and experience language-specific SDK code examples without the conventional manual overhead of starting.

Feature Flags Onboarding Code Sample Page
Feature Flags Onboarding Experience

AIDA Support: Get Your Developer Questions Answered Efficiently

Harness AIDA further transforms the developer experience with the power of AIDA Support. 

Harness AIDA Support is designed to assist users in real-time. Have a question? Simply ask, and AIDA Support dives deep into the Harness Developer Hub and documentation on your behalf.

With its swift and precise search capabilities, it offers answers without the need for manual navigation or extensive reading. AIDA ensures that every query is met with accurate information, making user support more streamlined and efficient than ever.

AIDA Support

Build, Test, and Deploy Seamlessly

Continuous Delivery Error Analyzer: Unmatched Build and Deployment Troubleshooting 

Harness AIDA is continuing to build out its capabilities in build and deployment troubleshooting.

With AIDA’s Continuous Delivery (CD) Error Analyzer, upon a deployment failure, AIDA can get to the root cause in seconds, correlating the error with the issue and suggesting possible remediations.

Instead of manual developer efforts, AIDA sifts through the complex logs and dependencies, making Root Cause Analysis far more accurate and efficient.

The CD Error Analyzer doesn't just identify problems; it provides efficient actionable remediations. 

Continuous Delivery Error Analyzer Example
CD Error Analyzer

The Next Frontier: AI-Assisted OPA Rego Policy Generator

Harness AIDA’s OPA Policy Generator leverages generative AI techniques to assist in writing Open Policy Agent (OPA) Rego policies, specifically tailored for the Harness platform.

Writing OPA policies manually is complicated and time-consuming. AIDA understands the contextual requirements of your environment and automates the tedious task of policy writing, allowing you to expedite the policy development process to your entire company.

This enables users to create effective policies with reduced manual effort. Moreover, AIDA democratizes the policy development process and allows users to focus on solving customer problems and driving new business opportunities.

OPA Policy Generator

Ensure Reliability Without Difficulty

Fortifying Systems: Introducing ChaosGuard™ for Unmatched Resilience and Security Governance

Navigate the intricacies of chaos engineering with precision using ChaosGuard. Our platform allows you to define who can initiate chaos experiments, where they can conduct those tests, and when they're permitted to execute them. Safeguard sensitive environments by prohibiting chaos testing in areas like production or designate specific intervals, such as weekends or holiday seasons, for test runs. As your organization delves into chaos engineering, ChaosGuard provides rigorous security governance measures. This ensures that you can expand your initiatives with confidence, fostering resilience and innovation. With ChaosGuard, experience the full potential of chaos engineering, securely and efficiently.

Chaos Guard

Optimize Effortlessly

Crafting Insights: The Magic of Custom Dashboards

Leveraging AIDA's capabilities, users can transition smoothly through every stage of the SDLC. At last, exploring data visualizations becomes intuitive with the new AI-infused Custom Dashboards feature from Harness. 

AIDA enables dashboard creation by simply prompting the interface with the domain of exploration, the type of visualization desired, and the specific metrics to track.

AIDA assists in crafting a variety of visualizations, including, but not limited to a single value representation, a comprehensive bar chart, and tables. 

Organize dashboards seamlessly and derive insights that drive your business.

Custom Dashboard Generated by AIDA

Eliminate Toil Across the SDLC By Harnessing the Power of AIDA

AIDA stands as a testament to the revolutionary potential of integrating AI into the SDLC, offering a holistic solution to streamlining processes and optimizing outcomes.

As Harness looks ahead, the roadmap for AIDA's capabilities promises even greater advancements in this realm. 

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