March 23, 2020

Harness Product Update | March 2020

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Key takeaway

Are you as excited as I am about March updates? At Harness, we’re continuously launching new products. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise considering our platform is designed to accelerate software delivery for our customers. Naturally, we’re deploying Harness using Harness which means we’re launching daily. We have a major push every day at 5 pm, to be exact. This makes sense, considering we’re dogfooding our own product: the most powerful CD tool on the market.

Let’s jump in. 

Kustomize Support

We've added support for Kustomize! The Kustomize framework introduces a declarative way to configure Kubernetes. Kustomize plugins are also supported. Take a look at this awesome blog for detailed instructions on how to setup Kustomize with Harness. For more information, read our docs.

Global Search

With all of that configuration surrounding all the services you’re onboarding into Harness, it can become difficult to keep track of it all. This is why we’re excited to introduce a whole new global search function! Click on the search button in the upper right-hand corner and away you go searching all of the various components within Harness. 

Skip Workflow Steps

In Harness, you can now add conditional steps to your workflows. With this feature, you can create a templatized workflow that can skip the execution of steps based on various conditions. Harness users often have Workflows that are very similar but differ in settings such as Service, Environment, or artifact. Instead of managing multiple Workflows, you can merge these Workflows and add conditions that skip specific steps based on these different conditions. For more information, please read our docs.

Additional Updates

  • We've added supported for Open ID Connect (OIDC) as way to authenticate with your Kubernetes cluster with short-lived tokens from your OAuth2 identify provider. For more details, see our docs.
  • We've added support for deploying to OpenShift v3.11. For more information, read our docs.

What else is up at Harness?


Spend a free afternoon from the comfort of your home with Harness and learn about Continuous Delivery best practices with Kubernetes. This virtual class is for experienced tech professionals who have some background in Kubernetes (doesn't need to be a ton) and want to become highly skilled at CD.

These trainings are packed and on an approval basis — request a spot for upcoming training and we'll send you a confirmation if we have room.

Spots are limited, RSVP soon to save your seat!

  • April 7th, 1-3pm PT
  • April 9th, 1-3pm ET
  • April 14th, 11-1pm AET
  • April 15th, 1-3pm CT


Give Us Your Harness Tips & Tricks!

Any customers who have a unique tip or trick on how they use Harness will be given a $250 gift card. (Disclaimer: Limited one per person, must be a unique use-case not marketed in any of our materials, and applicable across Harness, not unique to one company's use case). Email with your story. 

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