October 26, 2022

Spotlight: Summer 2022 Harness Interns

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At Harness, our interns are valued contributors to our mission to confidently deliver software with velocity – without compromising quality, reliability, security, or efficiency. With offices all over the globe, we have numerous opportunities for college students to gain real-world, hands-on experience learning from our talented teams.

This summer, we welcomed Siddhi Bansal, a returning intern, and Ram Potham, who both collaborated with their teams on a number of impactful projects. Siddhi and Ram share some highlights from their internship experiences and the projects they worked on below.

Siddhi Bansal

  • Name: Siddhi Bansal
  • College: University of Texas at Austin
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Hobbies/Interests: Reading, biking, baking, puzzles

During my time at Harness, I interned in the Product Management and Engineering departments where I worked on developing dashboards that provide software delivery insights. These reports help customers easily analyze and identify bottlenecks in their development cycle. Through this project, I learned how data is transported from one source to another through a variety of different software, while also identifying the most effective ways to visualize data. Additionally, I gained a deeper understanding of the software development lifecycles, which gives me insights into how code is deployed, integrated, and tested after it’s ready. 

Interning at Harness has given me a greater exposure to the corporate environment. It has not only provided me with technical skills, but also interpersonal skills that I can utilize in all my future endeavors. What I love about Harness is the open-minded atmosphere that the company creates for its employees through a robust support network and collaborative team that is motivated to help everyone succeed.

Ram Potham

  • Name: Ram Potham
  • College: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Major: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology
  • Hobbies/Interests: Bowling, hanging out with friends, board games, video games

I interned at Harness building artificial intelligence/machine learning models, focusing on forecasting and anomaly detection with time series data. The work and learning I did at Harness is what I want to do in the future, so I have loved my internship experience! 

As companies continue to scale their cloud consumption, effectively managing cloud costs is critical. A key capability necessary for effectively managing cloud costs is the ability to automatically detect anomalies in cloud spend. As part of my internship, I helped to write a blog on how companies can leverage AI/ML to proactively detect cloud spend anomalies. This empowers companies to proactively prevent adverse cloud cost impact by addressing anomalous consumption of cloud services and resources in time

I love that Harness is a company that understands and takes advantage of the growing field of AI/ML. This allows me to personally see it in action and how it’s changing the industry. 

Interested in Joining Harness as an Intern?

We wish Siddhi and Ram all the best in their future endeavors! If you’re interested in internship opportunities or if you have any questions please contact careers@harness.io.

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