January 11, 2024

Harness Acquires Armory Assets

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Key takeaway

Harness has acquired Armory. Harness will continue to support the Spinnaker community and Armory's customers.

We’re excited to announce that Harness has acquired key intellectual property and technology from Armory. As a modern software delivery pioneer, Harness provides customers with a robust, scalable, and intelligent platform that supports the development, deployment, and operation of their applications. Armory customers will experience a seamless transition as key Armory engineering and customer support roles are also joining Harness to continue supporting existing implementations. 

Harness and Armory have led the revolution towards modern continuous deployment. The acquisition will help Harness accelerate its innovation, enhancing the experience of the developer and DevOps teams served by Harness and Armory.

Why this acquisition?

The Armory team has a strong track record of innovation and has built exciting continuous deployment technologies. The opportunity to acquire this technology and recruit people who built it excites us tremendously. At Harness, we are building the best software delivery platform, supporting numerous cloud-native and traditional workloads. This acquisition will accelerate that work.

Harness has found great success in building and acquiring technology that embraces open-source projects, including Drone and Chaos Native. We continue to contribute heavily to a range of projects, including Drone, Litmus Chaos, OpenTofu, and Gitness. Bolstered by notable Spinnaker contributors from Armory, we expect to continue to lead and support the Spinnaker community. 

“We are incredibly excited about this opportunity as this will further enable Harness to deliver a best-in-class modern software delivery platform to the developer community. We view this acquisition as a testament to our commitment to the developer community and to simplifying and improving the developer experience,” said Harness CEO, Jyoti Bansal.

What will change (and what won’t)

Armory Continuous Delivery Self-Hosted will continue to be fully supported. Support will move over to Harness’s systems, which will improve the overall experience.

“Harness has a great reputation for providing world-class support to its customers, and I am confident in their ability to continue to support us during this transition," said Wei Li, Member of Technical Staff, Pure Storage. "I look forward to developing a potential partnership with the Harness team.”

Moving onto the Harness Platform

As we integrate Armory technology into Harness, Armory customers will have the opportunity to move their deployments onto the Harness Platform. We will work to make this transition as easy and automated as possible. Once on the Harness platform, teams have increased flexibility with a greater breadth of integrations.

Welcome to Harness

We have already had the opportunity to speak to many Armory customers and would like to express our gratitude for the trust you are putting in us. We are excited about what the future holds for modern continuous delivery and are thrilled to share the journey with you.

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