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June 30, 2023
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Harness Certified Experts - Continuous Delivery & GitOps Admin Certification is GA


As technology paradigms and platforms continue to evolve, keeping your skills sharp can be an ongoing journey. At Harness, we strive to lower the barrier of entry for learning and validating your experience. Today, we are pleased to announce the first in our administrator level of certifications, the Continuous Delivery & GitOps Administrator Certification. 

Building upon the certification framework we have started this year, the administrator level certification incorporates a hands-on portion to test a user’s implementation of Harness features and to help you manage your Continuous Delivery capabilities at scale. This will unlock capabilities and abilities to leverage Harness Continuous Delivery & GitOps Enterprise to attain your CD goals. 

Credly Badge

A New Hands on Experience

The Continuous Delivery & GitOps Administrator Certification will now incorporate hands-on experience. After the knowledge based exam, you will be presented with several hands on questions to solve in the Harness Continuous Delivery & GitOps Enterprise Module. There is no need to bring your own infrastructure or Harness Account as all of the infrastructure you need is available via a cloud shell in your web browser. You will be provided with an ephemeral Harness Continuous Delivery & GitOps Enterprise account. 

Sample Hands-On Experience

There are two portions to the exam, a knowledge and hands on portion. The first step towards your administrator badge is to take a look at the learning path on Harness Developer Hub. 

Preparing and Taking Your Administrator Exam

The learning material is hosted on Harness Developer Hub. The administrator certification builds off of the developer level certification. It is recommended that you take the developer level certification for free before attempting the administrator level certification. 

Open Learning Path


Registering for the exam is simple. Head to Harness Developer Hub, then click Register for Exam. You have the ability to take the exam at any time on your schedule.

Admin/Architect Level Exam Video

Once you have successfully completed the exam, a Credly Badge will be issued to you in a few days. At Harness, we are creating certifications for multiple levels. 

Harness Certifications: Continue Learning

We continue to plan to roll out certifications at multiple levels covering every Harness Module. Even if you do not become certified, check out the learning paths that are open and available to increase your skill regardless of what level you are at. 

-Harness Product Education Engineering Team

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