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March 15, 2023

Introducing Harness Certified Experts: Continuous Delivery Developer Certification

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Key takeaway

Keeping your skills sharp is a continuous journey for engineers. Delivering software in modern environments requires a myriad of skills from source to deployment, especially for the tools developers use. Today, we're pleased to announce a new Harness platform certification series, Harness Certified Experts.

Powered by the Harness Developer Hub, learning material for Harness Certified Experts will be readily available for our users to help credential seekers re-enforce or acquire their Harness knowledge. Becoming a Harness Certified Expert will test your knowledge and validate your skills in the software delivery world.

Our first certification, the Harness Certified Expert - Continuous Delivery Developer, is now live and ready!. 

Harness CD and Gitops Certification

Open Learning Paths for Exams

Our goal is to have material readily available for all levels of exam takers to learn with as the capstone for your learning journey. A combination of tutorials and documentation will help you prepare for an exam. Even if you do not take the exam, you can still find a good learning path for your own pace on the Harness Developer Hub. Once you are ready, you can take the certification exams.  

Harness Certification example study guide
A sample study guide with certification topics and corresponding materials for completion.

Taking Your Harness Certified Expert Exam

Registering for the exams is simple. Head to Harness Developer Hub, select the exam you would like to take, and click Register for Exam. 

Our first new certification, Harness Certified Expert - Continuous Delivery Developer, will be offered for free for all to take. After reviewing the study path and exam objectives, sign up for the exam, which you can take immediately. The exam should take about 90 minutes to complete. 

Harness Certified CD Developer

Once you have successfully completed the exam, a Credly Badge will be issued to you in a few days. With your first Harness Certification under your belt, this is just the beginning!

Harness Certifications: Just Getting Started 

We plan to roll out certifications at multiple levels to all Harness modules. These levels are Developer, Administrator, and Architect levels.

Harness Certifications have three levels

The upper level exams will have practical, interactive portions where you will need to interact with Harness. Make sure to stay tuned on the Harness Developer Hub’s Certification Section seeing as new certifications come onboard. 

Start learning today!

-Harness Product Education Engineering Team

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