December 15, 2020

Harness Cloud Cost Management On AWS Marketplace

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Harness is pleased to announce that Harness Cloud Cost Management is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This makes it possible for companies to use their pre-committed AWS cloud spend to purchase Harness software, which helps customers understand and reduce their overall cloud spend.

Simplify Your Cloud Budget with Harness on AWS Marketplace

In many organizations, it’s not always easy to get a new software vendor and budget approved. By using vendors from the AWS marketplace, companies can shortcut that process so it becomes trivial to purchase software from new vendors. Utilizing pre-committed cloud spend means that there is no need to request and justify an unplanned expenditure.

Harness built Cloud Cost Management to empower engineering and DevOps teams so they can proactively manage and optimize cloud costs, allowing finops teams to “shift down” the responsibility of cloud costs to the people who consume cloud resources.

The AWS Cost Management Tool That Keeps Giving

Harness initially developed Cloud Cost Management to gain a better understanding of their own cloud spend, incorporating lessons learned into a solution that is easy to use, yet powerful. Harness supports the major cloud providers, as well as Kubernetes clusters running anywhere. It only takes minutes to get started, and the platform sets itself apart from other cloud cost analysis solutions by associating cloud cost data with each software deployment. This enables organizations to take control of their cloud spend by understanding the impact of every new software release. Harness has also removed the burden of tagging that other cloud cost analysis solutions rely upon.

If you want to gain a better understanding of cloud costs, reduce your cloud spend, and free yourself from the burden of tagging, sign up for a free trial of Harness Cloud Cost Management today.

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