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November 6, 2023

Harness Doubles Down on GitOps

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Harness Doubles Down on GitOps, Embracing Both Argo and Flux

We’re proud to be at KubeCon today, showcasing our heightened commitment to GitOps by integrating support for Flux alongside existing support for Argo. This strategic enhancement positions Harness as a pioneer in the GitOps sphere, offering unparalleled choice and flexibility to its users. We are also demonstrating support for Argo Rollouts for the first time in public! 

GitOps, a modern approach to software delivery, leverages git as the source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. Within this realm, Argo and Flux are recognized as prominent GitOps reconcilers, facilitating the automation and consistency of deployments.

GitOps has been a revolutionary stride for developers, yet the necessity for security and compliance checks has often been a stumbling block for many organizations. Our Continuous Delivery and GitOps module effectively bridges this gap, ensuring developers enjoy the GitOps experience they desire, coupled with the indispensable compliance checks.

The newly unveiled Flux support empowers users with a unified dashboard to monitor and manage multiple Flux controllers. This is a monumental enhancement, especially considering the absence of a graphical user interface in Flux. Harness’s dashboard will deliver a seamless and intuitive experience, streamlining GitOps operations and rendering them more user-friendly.

Harness's inclusion of both Argo and Flux epitomizes its dedication to availing the finest tools to developers based on their unique needs. The GitOps community has traditionally been polarized between Argo and Flux enthusiasts. However, by supporting both, Harness eradicates the need for organizations to compromise or be tethered to a single tool.

Argo Rollouts

Additionally, Harness is amplifying its robust ArgoCD integration by leveraging Argo's Rollouts capability, a feature added to the open-source project earlier this year, which allows for more granular control over deployments, ensuring smoother and more reliable software delivery.

Harness's continuous delivery pipelines for both Argo and Flux will automate a plethora of GitOps interactions. From initiating a rollback due to a problematic deployment to automatically promoting a new version to the subsequent testing environment upon successful test completion, Harness guarantees streamlined and automated operations.

“Harness acknowledges the diverse needs within the GitOps community. By supporting both Argo and Flux, we're not merely offering a tool but a choice. Our objective is to empower developers with flexibility and ensure they have the best tools at their disposal for their unique workflows," said Mark Ramm, Product Management Lead for GitOps at Harness.

This announcement, delivered at KubeCon in Chicago, underscores Harness's dedication to innovation and its unyielding commitment to catering to the evolving needs of the developer community.

To learn more about GitOps with Harness, check out our tutorial for Kustomize deployments with ArgoCD; it includes instructions for how to sign-up for a free Harness account.

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