June 27, 2024

Harness Launches Three New AI-Powered Cloud Cost Optimization Features

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Harness CCM introduces three powerful new features to help organizations master cloud cost optimization through automated governance, intelligent commitment management, and efficient container orchestration. These innovations enable organizations to automate cost optimization, enhance resource utilization, and drive significant savings across their cloud environments.

As organizations increasingly rely on cloud services to power their digital transformation initiatives, managing and optimizing cloud costs has become a top priority. Mismanaged commitments, lack of governance and not leveraging heavily discounted excess cloud capacity can quickly lead to inflated cloud bills, hindering innovation and growth. 

To address these challenges head-on, we’re excited to launch three powerful new capabilities that add to our comprehensive cloud cost optimization and FinOps solution designed to help organizations take control of their spiraling cloud costs. Expanding on our current cloud cost management capabilities, this powerful trio empowers organizations to master cloud cost optimization through governance-as-code, automated commitment management, and efficient cluster node auto-scaling.

Continuous Compliance & Resource Optimization: Cloud Asset Governance for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform  

Cloud Asset Governance leverages the power of policy-as-code to automate cost management, security, and compliance tasks across your multi-cloud environments. This feature enables you to easily create and enforce governance policies that eliminate cloud waste, ensure adherence to security standards, and maintain continuous compliance. Out-of-the-box policies, such as upgrading to cheaper and faster Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume types, make optimizing your cloud resources from day one effortless. And, with the help of the Harness AI Development Assistant (Aida™), you get an AI-powered partner for streamlining rule creation and governance. AIDA can help you create custom rules with simple language prompts, validate those rules, and provide insights into existing rules, making governance easier than ever. 

You can leverage Cloud Asset Governance for any cloud resource across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The rules you create can contain any filters and perform any actions. All of this is through simple YAML policies.

Automated Commitment Management: Commitment Orchestrator for AWS EC2  

Our Commitment Orchestrator empowers you to maximize the commitment coverage of your AWS EC2 compute spend and maximize the realized savings. Commitment Orchestrator uses machine learning to forecast compute spend at an instance family level and automates the purchasing and management of Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans to match compute spend patterns over time. By continuously optimizing your commitment utilization, it proactively identifies opportunities for reallocation or exchanges and ensures comprehensive commitment coverage of your compute resources and utilization of your commitment purchases. It also provides optional manual approval, account exclusions, and configuration options for more granular control.

Workload-driven Node Auto Scaling & Spot Orchestration: Cluster Orchestrator for AWS EKS

Our Cluster Orchestrator for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) provides workload-driven intelligent node autoscaling, enabling you to manage your cluster infrastructure efficiently. With built-in Spot orchestration capabilities, you can achieve up to 90% cost savings on compute costs by running your workloads on Spot instances without compromising on availability. It offers automated optimization and a simplified approach to cluster node resizing. It also provides distributed spot orchestration, with the ability to run replicas of the same workload across both spot and on-demand nodes, with a base on-demand count configured to ensure stability while still leveraging the significant cost savings from spot pricing.

A Holistic Approach to Cloud Cost Optimization

As cloud adoption continues to accelerate, intelligent cost optimization has become a necessity. Harness is at the forefront of this movement, providing enterprises with the tools they need to intelligently manage and optimize their cloud resources, commitments, and container environments.

Together, these three new capabilities form a comprehensive solution for intelligent cloud cost optimization, adding to our existing features. Cloud Asset Governance ensures continuous compliance, Commitment Orchestrator maximizes savings from cloud commitments, and Cluster Orchestrator optimizes container orchestration and Spot orchestration.

To learn more about these powerful new capabilities and how they can benefit your organization, visit the CCM webpage or book a demo today.

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