AI-Powered Cloud Commitment Management

Automated Commitment Purchasing

Harness AI analyzes usage data and forecasts to recommend optimal RIs and SPs.

Maximize Savings & Coverage

Optimize up to 98% of compute coverage, ensuring maximum ROI on cloud spend.

Prevent Over & Under-Commitment

Real-time monitoring and AI-driven adjustments prevent wasted resources.

Automate RI and SP Management for Maximum Savings

Harness AI analyzes historical usage and forecasts future workloads for optimal commitments.

Automatically purchase and manage RIs and SPs to maximize cost savings.

Continuously monitor and adjust commitments to prevent over or under-utilization.

Unified Management Across Clouds and Accounts

Centrally manage commitments across AWS, Azure, and GCP from a single platform.

Set granular policies and budgets for each master account and region.

Gain real-time visibility into commitment utilization and savings across all accounts.

Granular Control with
Manual Approval

Enforce granular access controls with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Maintain detailed audit trails for all commitment actions, ensuring compliance.

Integrate Open Policy Agent (OPA) for custom policy enforcement.

Cloud Cost Management