January 29, 2020

Harness Product Update | January 2020

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Key takeaway

We’re growing and we’re growing fast - we’ve officially hit over 200 employees! Do you know what else is growing? Critical Harness features and capabilities. Do you know who ultimately wins with all this growth? You do, of course. Let’s jump into what we’ve shipped in January. 

Azure DevOps - Artifact Source

If you’re deploying on Azure and using their integrated DevOps suite of tools, you’ll be happy to know that we now support Azure Artifacts. As part of the Azure DevOps toolkit, Azure Artifacts is a great way for teams to share packaged applications, both publically and privately. 

When deploying with Harness, you simply connect Azure Artifacts as an artifact source using your Azure DevOps URL and personal access token (read more):

Then, add Azure Artifacts as an Artifact Source in your Service overview configuration (read more):

Verification Badges

Continuous Verification is a critical step during any deployment. If your pipeline includes any sort of verification, we’ve now made it easier to view a summary of the success or failure of the verification during a pipeline. 

When viewing the Continuous Deployments tab, a verification badge now appears if verification was included in that pipeline. If you click on it, you can immediately view the status of your tests within all your deployment phases:

When you access the pipeline itself, you can view the verification badge overlayed on the stage that contains verification in its workflow for another quick summary:

You can read more about verification badges here

Google Cloud KMS Support

If you’re using Google Cloud KMS to manage your encryption keys, Harness has love for you! Although Harness has a built-in secrets management feature, you still have the option to use your own. We have support for HashiCorp Vault, AWS, Azure Key Vault, CyberArk and now Google Cloud KMS! 

Follow these instructions on how to set it up

Give Us Your Harness Tips & Tricks!

Any customers who have a unique tip or trick on how they use Harness will be given a $100 gift card. (Disclaimer: Limited one per person, must be a unique use-case not marketed in any of our materials, and applicable across Harness, not unique to one company's use case). Email marketing@harness.io with your story. 

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